Level 1 Intelligent Characters

Level 1 Intelligent Characters

Oh the things you’ll see (blow up)

I’m very excited about our 2014 Fourth of July party. I wanted to share some of the big fireworks we will burn off.

One of the 500 gram cakes is World Class Fireworks Addiction. Let’s take a look!

“It hammers out 42 shots in a frenzy and then slaps you in the face with a huge 7 shot finale that covers your shoot area with awe.”

One of the smaller works is the 200 gram Boiling Point, with it’s small single-burst set of tubes.

Of course, we will be firing off Excalibur mortar shells.

I’m rather excited about this new find: the Motor Mouth 200g box. It looks like saturn missiles, except the shots are more exciting and lovely. Oh, and no whistling.

World Class calls Grave Digger “The Finale of all Finales”, so I guess I’m crazy, because I will probably be using the two of them I have in the middle of the show. Still, it’s an exciting 30 shots.

Legend Fireworks make Bad to the Bone, and you can almost hear George Thorogood’s lower lip buh-buh-buhing when you see it tear off it’s shots.

The real showpiece is the Peacock with it’s tearing 180 shots.

“When this mammoth cake spreads its feathers, it will leave 180 shots of golden waterfall with colored tips flying in the sky.”