Hanselman’s Interview: ASP.NET Lifecyle

From constructor to destructor (taking into consideration Dispose() and the concept of non-deterministic finalization), what the are events fired as part of the ASP.NET System.Web.UI.Page lifecycle. Why are they important? What interesting things can you do at each?

  • Object Initialization (Server object and page object instantiated)
  • PreInit (Add dynamic controls)
  • Init (Change control initialization values after control init)
  • InitComplete (All controls initialized)
  • PreLoad (Before stat loads)
  • Load (State has been loaded) (Page called first, then controls)
  • Control Events (Events caused by postback)
  • LoadComplete (Post post-back processing)
  • PreRender (last changes to viewstate)
  • SaveStateComplete (post-viewstate processing)
  • Render (generate html)
  • UnLoad (cleanup)
  • Dispose (objects destroyed)