Pro-Choice Christianity

The discussion of Christian faith in America is often dominated by the conservative extremes. However, there are a number of major religious organizations that hold more liberal (even pro-choice) points of view. The Episcopal Church (Protestant, yet Catholic) The Presbyterian Church (Presbyterianism) The United Methodist Church (UMC) United Church of Christ (UCC) Beaverton/NW Portland Area […]

Laser night vision

Did you know there’s a satellite channel dedicated to redneck hunting reality TV? I’ll go hunting on a boat. I’ll go hunting with a goat. I’ll go hunting here or there… I’ll go hunting anywhere!


There’s a special feeling of closeness when you let someone you love do something you’d never let a stranger do. Now, I may just be coming down with a cold, but I have a happy glow that my daughter used my shirt as a hankie all day.